“Safe Cycling AS” is here to help race organizers to reach their desired safety measures, which could make cyclists feel more comfortable and safer during the race. Our biggest concern is cyclist’s safety during the competition and it is very important that they are aware of upcoming intersection, roundabout or any other unexpected obstacle appearance. “Safe Cycling AS” is offering cycling race organizers a solution for a safer and more secure competition.


“Safe Cycling AS” offered solution is a mobile warning sign or Safety Sign, which can be placed in the obstacle areas where volunteers or motorcyclists should be present during the race. Knowing that the biggest cycling races demands many volunteers to be involved, then these mobile warning signs will allow race organizers to replace decent number of volunteers who haven’t engaged necessary knowledge and tasks about their duties during the race. To prepare volunteers for cycling race is very complicated process, where human resource management process before every competition includes:

¤ Planning
¤ Recruitment
¤ Selection
¤ Orientation
¤ Training
¤ Performance appraisal
¤ Rewards
¤ Retention strategies

Such a processes can be relieved by using “Safe Cycling AS” developed devices. For the race organizers it usually takes long working hours and a lot of resources to make sure that the volunteers have been prepared properly for the race.

Product description

  • Mobile warning sign is almost 250 cm high, which is equipped with the built-in sound system alerting cyclists of upcoming obstacle to commit the right maneuver.
  • Built-in LED screen with the direction arrows or other related sign/symbol of the specific obstacle area.
  • Mobile warning sign has the Bluetooth Activation System, where the sign is being activated in-advance before the cyclists passes the obstacle area.
  • Sign will be equipped with battery, which lasts for 24 hours. One device can be used in several competition stages, where this sign allows cyclists to be notified and warned in clear and appropriate manner.
  • Mobile warning sign can be used as marketing platform. Race organizers can use their own logo or attract a new sponsors, who would like to place their company logo on the Safety Sign.