Many cycling lanes and paths with obstacles in it, are designed and\or maintained in such a way that cycling there is unpleasant and unsafe. Safety precautions are being respected and considered in every race in pre-defined obstacle areas, but not every race organizer can make sure that the safety precautions are being fully implemented and completed. Knowing, that the routes usually contains a lot of dangerous and perilous obstacle areas, for organizers it is very hard to make sure that every obstacle in the race is being secured and taken care of. We can see cyclists experiencing ugly crashes because of poor route direction signs, unwarned road condition, insufficient and ineffective obstacle and intersection coverage from volunteers or motorcyclists. Completing and maintaining these routes should be the top priority for race organizers. "Safe Cycling AS" product and service gives opportunity for race organizers to make cycling competitions safer and more secure. 


"Safe Cycling AS" provided service will help race organizers to improve the quality of cycling races and make the competition more fan-friendly and safer for athletes.

By renting Safety Signs, service provided by "Safe Cycling AS" to race organizers includes:


The purpose is to reduce decent number of volunteers and create a higher awareness of upcoming obstacles in the races and use the mobile warning signs to improve safety and security of the competition. Such a devices can be used in different category competitions, such as:

  • Professional level competition
  • Amateur level competition
  • Youth championships
  • Both men and women cycling competitions
  • Triathlon, Marathon and Mass Sporting Events


*  In final price, We offer "All-inclusive" pricing, which includes accommodation and fuel.