Co-worker at the biggest cycling races in Europe!

  • Part-time
  • Mainly in the cycling season from March – September
  • The job is mainly set in Europe
We, in Safe Cycling, is searching for a new employee from 2022! This is a position that fits perfectly for people who are interested in cycling, and of course, likes travelling. The season lasts from February – October. We will, in this period of time, going to need an extra set of hands when we are covering multiple races simultaneously. In that case, we are searching for you!

More about the job

Your assignments will primarily be to plan and to execute our safety services in different races. Mainly this is to put our safety signs in the right position some hours before the race passes by. After the race has passed, you´re going to collect all the signs from the same direction you came from. Racedays are normally quite long, and it is plenty of breaks and driving. Our wish is that you will contribute to our daily operations in the firm. What you will do is highly adaptable after what your qualities and interests are. Through the job you will experience the biggest races in the world up close!


  • Driver’s license (Class B)
  • Some physical work (moving the signs)
  • Bonus – Relevant education in economics, marketing, strategi and management.
  • Bonus – Relevant vocational training

Benefits with the job

  • A lot of new experiences! Both at races and cities throughout Europe.
  • The possibility to be a part of a small firm in growth.
  • No expenses for you travelling.
  • Time flies! The ones that have been travelling with us thinks that time flies by when they´re out working, and especially at racedays.

Information about payment

  • We pay for the days you work
    • Racedays / Days with meetings / Days driving the van
    • Travel days are not included
      • All travel expenses are covered
    • All normal expenses through travel are covered
      • Hotels / food and drinks / car costs
        • Common sense in your choices
      • We are writing the contract and the payment goes via invoice through our firm.
      • Possible training period before the season.

About the firm

Safe Cycling is a Norwegian company from Drammen and was founded by Markus Lærum in 2016. At this moment Markus Lærum and Andreas Heiberg the only two employees, both 24 years of age. The company offers safety solutions in most of the biggest cycling events in Europe. Safe Cyling is rising in growth and total races increases every year, therefore we depend on expanding before the 2022-season. Do you want to be a part of the Safe Cycling team and be a part of our development the coming years?   Are you interested, or need more information on what we are doing? Visit our website or send an email Kind regards, Andreas Heiberg +0047 95828592