About us

The beginning

We started Safe Cycling in summer of 2016. We spent the first year on developing several ideas for safety systems and ended up with the Safety Sign.

About us


During 2017 we managed to produce 3 prototypes of the Safety Sign. We got a opporunity to test the signs and systems during Arctic Race of Norway 2017.

After the race we talked to our partners to further developed the Safey Sign, based on the feedback from riders and organisers.

About us

2018 and 2019

In 2018 we produced 10 new Safety Signs and got our chance in our first race outside Norway, with Deutchland Tour. During this race we got a lot of amazin feedback from the riders, including Tour de France winner Geirant Thomas.

This lead to several new races for 2019, including races like Tour de France, World Championchip Yokrshire and Paris-Roubaix.

About us


2020 seasong was strongly affected by COVID-19. We still managmed to ba a part of races in Belgium, France and Italy. We also expanded our amount of Safety Signs to a total of 20 signs.

About us


2021 was a busy, but good season for us. Although the coronavirus still was a major factor in 2021, most of the races were completed as normal.

Most of our races were in Belgium, Italy and France, but we also got to visit some new countries, such as the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Our partners

Our amazing partners

Brødrene Dahl has been a key partner since 2016. They have been a key part of the development and production of the Safety Signs.

Nordigi is the developer of the control system on the signs, and has been involved since the spring of 2018. They have helped us with the development of the sensors and transmitters we currently use on the signs.

Freber Elektronikk is our supplier of batteries and chargers. In the future, they will help us with the development of new charging systems.

StartUpLab is an offer in Oslo for technology startups. Here we will have access to lawyers, the Norwegian Patent Office, accountants and a large network.