"Safe Cycling AS" is focused on providing cycling race organizers with mobile warning sign, giving them a great opportunity to develop and increase the quality of the competition. Our product and service will take the race safety to next level. Safety Sign is a revolution in cycling and is a big step forward to safety procedure development and up-growth.

Our Slogan

A Safer Sport, Is A Better Sport.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a safer and more secure race for athletes and event organizers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to represent safer cycling and to be recognized worldwide as "the race safety ensuring" leading organization.

Our Core Values

Team Work  ⇔  Innovation  ⇔   Continuous Improvement  ⇔   Responsibility  ⇔   Passion   ⇔   Dedication   ⇔    Commitment   ⇔   Quality


Why You Need Us and What We Can Do For You?

Our concern is cyclist`s safety during the competition. By using mobile warning signs, We believe that the quality of the race and performance from athletes will be increased and cycling as a sport will be more attractive to spectators.

The purpose of the mobile warning sign is to replace a decent number of volunteers, where human resource management process can be reduced and relieved.

By using mobile warning sign, race organizers reduces a chance to experience ugly accidents and reduces a chance for cyclist`s taking a wrong route directions. As well, ineffective obstacle and intersection coverage by volunteers or motorcyclists would be reduced.

Our Team