Like last year, we also took part in the La Route Adélie de Vitré in France. This is a French one-day race that consists of many rounds in and around the city of Vitré. This was the 26. edition of the race.

It was not the best weather this day so it was a brutal day for the riders. Temperatures around 0 degrees in combination with wind, rain and snow was a challenge, but the race was fortunately completed without any negative consequences. The one who proved strongest in the demanding conditions was French Axel Zingle. In fact, there were six Frenchmen who topped the list, something the home crowd naturally were really pleased about.

We had 20 signs in this race. We are very happy with that as the race is mainly local laps with quite short distance. However, we feel our safety signs are very useful in this course. There are many obstacles and it is still possible to have even more signs. We think this is a fantastic race that we hope to be on in the years to come. Thanks for now La Route Adélie de Vitré!


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