We are finally ready for another exciting cycling season! We hope the 2022 season will be at least as exciting as last year. We are naturally a little nervous about how the corona will affect the season, but we hope that this resolves well, as it did last year. We had many highlights last year, and it seems that we will have many highlights this year as well. As the situation is now, we will take part in races in 11 countries: France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Denmark, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg and Spain. Not bad at all!

Before this season, we also updated our product package to make cycling even safer. We have increased the number of Safety signs to 24 units, so we are able to cover even more of the course. In addition, we have a new product called Safety board. Our normal sign, safety sign is intended for use in high-risk positions. Safety boards will be used at medium risk positions, or supplement safety signs at extremely high-risk positions. In this way, we are well equipped to help athletes and organizers in the races to an even greater degree.

In the next weeks we will do our final preparations to get ready. We start in mid-February and the season will last until October. It seems like the 2022 season will be another busy exiting year for Safe Cycling. Hopefully there will be opportunities for a little more trips home this year, but either way we are ready.

See you in 2022!


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