We were very honored to be part of such a cycling race as Paris-Nice 2019 edition and what a great start for 2019 season. One of the world’s most popular races, where a lot of world class cyclists participated in very tough 8 stage race. This year’s edition was very tough for riders, in terms of very strong side wind, which caused a lot of crashes in early stages, where a lot of race favorites crashed, without the chance to continue the race. A lot of adjustments had to be done by the organizers and the race for them wasn’t easy as well.

Paris-Nice for Safe Cycling AS was very challenging race with a lot of new experiences and at the same time the longest race, that we have been part of. We were present in every single stage during the race with different amounts of safety signs very high variety of designated positions and depending from the race profile. With very challenging and difficult safety sign placements, we managed very well to make sure that the riders are aware of upcoming obstacles and dangerous turns. We were very honored and happy to hear a lot of great feedback from race organizers, team managers and riders about our work and safety signs along the road. It is very nice to see people standing right next to the Safety Signs and taking pictures, which makes us feel very good and special.


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