After 10 year break form high level of cycling races in Germany, the great sport of cycling has returned to this country. Worlds biggest cycling event organizers Amaury Sport Organization in corporation with local sporting event organizers, has taken the cycling sport in their hands and has created a new concept of cycling event in Germany. Concept of the race is to organize a professional cycling race for 4 days and including Public Race for the locals.


From August 23rd to 26th, Deutschland Tour welcomed 22 teams with 132 riders, who competed in four exciting stages and beautiful landscapes. We are very honoured to be part of first edition of Deutschland Tour and help the organizers to increase a safety along the roads. Race took a place in Wester Part of Germany and 6 cities had this honour to be as a host city for this cycling event.


Stage 1 – Koblenz > Bonn (157 km)

Stage 2 – Bonn > Trier (196 km)

Stage 3 – Trier > Merzig (177 km)

Stage 4 – Lorsch > Stuttgart (207,5 km)




Deutschland Tour as a race itself was very successful and very professionally organized in every aspect. Crowed in the cities and suburbs were amazing and very excited to see some of the worlds best riders. People along the roads were very supportive and loved the race and everything around it. We had a chance to be part of the race security in the finishing host cities, and our main job was to protect and inform the riders with some of the most dangerous obstacles in the cities. This was our first competition, where we used 10 Safety Signs in every stage and the outcome was very successful and we did our job as we should. We received very positive feedback from race organizers and a lot of riders. Even this year’s Tour the France winner Geraint Thomas was very satisfied with and gave a very good feedback to race organizers about our work. We are looking forward to be back in Germany next year with more Safety Signs.





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