We are very delighted to announce our participation in all biggest cycling races in Norway – Tour of Norway, Tour des Fjords, Hammer Stavanger and Arctic Race of Norway. Safe Cycling will be part of all races, where some of the most dangerous race turns and obstacles will be covered by digital safety signs in every stage of the race. We are very excited and looking forward to be part of all three UCI Men Elite 2.HC category races.

Tour of Norway (16th -20th of May)

Tour of Norway will be our first race, which will take place in Eastern part of Norway. Five stage race will be very exciting and is expected to be as dramatic as it was in 2017, where Edvald Boasson Hagen after a fall with one lap to go in last stage, managed to got back up and to win the stage and the general classification.

Start and finish
Stage 1: (16th May): Svelvik – Horten (169 km)
Stage 2: (17th May): Hønefoss – Asker (169 km)
Stage 3: (18th May): Moss – Sarpsborg (175 km)
Stage 4: (19th May): Kongsvinger – Brumunddal (218 km)
Stage 5: (20th May): Moelv – Lillehammer (154 km)

More information about the race: https://www.tourofnorway.com

Tour des Fjords (22nd – 24th of May) & Hammer Stavanger (25th - 27th of May)

Tour des Fjords is expected to be one of the biggest sporting events in Norway and Scandinavia. What is so special about TdF in 2018 edition, is that the concept of cycling race will be different than its been in previous years. Tour des Fjords was a 5-day race, but in 2018 edition, TdF will be reduced to a 3-day stages, which will be followed by the new Hammer Stavanger concept.

Hammer Stavanger is made up of three races in three days: The Hammer Climb on 25th of May, the Hammer Sprint on 26th of May, and the Hammer Chase on 27th of May. We are very happy to be part of this race as well with our digital safety signs. There will be two unique races that follow each other. In total, there will be a 6-day cycling festival in southern and western Norway.

Start and finish of Tour des Fjords
Stage 1: (22nd May) Lindesnes – Grimstad (191 km)
Stage 2: (23rd May) Risør – Kristiansand (188 km)
Stage 3: (24th May) Farsud – Egersund (183 km)
Start and finish of Hammer Stavanger
Stage 1: (25th May) Hammer Climb – 8,4 km with 9 1/2 laps
Stage 2: (26th May) Hammer Sprint – 9,2 km with 10 laps
Stage 3: (27th May) Hammer Chase – 16,2 km with 3 laps

More information about the race: http://tourdesfjords.no/gb/ & https://www.hammerseries.com/en/stavanger

Arctic Race of Norway (16th – 19th of August)

The 6th edition of Arctic Race of Norway will be made up of 4 stages. Arctic Race of Norway is the Northernmost cycling race in the world. This race is famous with its beautiful landscape and spectacular crowd, who is supporting riders from the first to the last kilometer. This year, one of the stage routes will be the toughest route from any other in history of this stage race. Always exciting and well-organized cycling race.

Start and finish
Stage 1: (16th August) Vadsø – Kirkenes (190,5 km)
Stage 2: (17th August) Tana – Kjøllefjord (195 km)
Stage 3: (18th August) Honningsvåg – Hammerfest (201 km)
Stage 4: (19th August) Kvalsund - Alta (145 km)

More information about the race: https://www.arctic-race-of-norway.com/us/


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